Active Campaign

Active Campaign

Send all your member data into an active campaign list with the right tags to welcome your users automatically

Active Campaign

About Active Campaign Integration

Socialtribes is able to connect to Zapier or native in order to automate all your new members requests into your favorite Marketing Automation tool, like Active Campaign—no code required.

How to connect this integration?

With Zapier

  1. Create your free account on
  2. Follow these exact steps to connect Active Campaign with Zapier.
  3. Add Active Campaign as the app you want to connect with.
  4. Set-up your Zap.

Without Zapier (native)

  1. Head over to your Socialtribes Dasboard
  2. Select your group (click 'manage group')
  3. Click 'connect to group'
  4. Search for Active Campaign and select 'Active Campaign Lead'
  5. Select 'Authorize'
  6. Login to your account and validate the connection.


Not sure how to connect Socialtribes to your stack? Reach out to this contact us page and we'll personally help you out.