Connect Socialtribes to your CRM / Marketing Automation with Zapier


How to send Socialtribes data to any CRM in the world using Zapier.

The logic we will use to connect your CRM with Zapier is to send data to your CRM everytime a now row is added to your Socialtribes Google Sheet. With this guide, a piece of cake. 

Let’s get started.

Before starting out: 

  • Make sure to check if Zapier is able to connect with the tool you want to connect with right here.

Connecting Google Sheet with your app through Zapier: 

Step 1: Connect your Google Sheet.

1. Head over to your zapier account or create a new account.

2. Head over to the main screen to create your own workflow

3. In the first tab, pick Google Sheet (connect this app) and add the CRM/Marketing Automation/… tool you want to connect with. In my case I’ll be connecting with Active Campaign.

4. When this happens → New Spreadsheet Row (NOT TEAM DRIVE). Then do this → Create / Update contact (this might have a different name for your application). Hit the Try it button! :)

5. Connect your Google Sheet where you have save the Socialtribes Template

6. Select the Spreadsheet you copied from Socialtribes and pick ‘Member Request’ in the worksheet settings:

Step 2: Connect your CRM/Marketing Automation

Once the google Sheet is connected, it’s time to hook up your tool you want to send the data towards.

  1. Connect your account following the instructions to link your API with Zapier. This is how it looks like for Active Campaign. You can mostly find this API key in the settings or Advanced .

2. Connect/create your list.

For some CRM’s, like Active Campaign, you are required to make a list first before connecting the data. In case you want that data in that new list, first head over to your CRM and create that list. If you already have a list created, just pick the list from the Dropdown.

3. Connect/create fields

- If you ask questions in your FB application form, you’ll need to create those fields in your CRM. For example, we ask before joining our FB group what your average monthly deal value is in Euro. Before being able to map it with our automation, that field needs to be created in our CRM. Once that is done, you’ll be able to select it.

- If you created your custom fields, it’s time to map them. Select the fields available in your google sheet (like Email, Name , custom questions,..) 

4. Map those fields from your google sheet with your CRM. For the Custom Questions, make sure to connect the answer, not the question :)

5. Check if everything is correct for your test 

6. Once done, switch on the automation. 


Not sure how to connect Socialtribes to your stack? Reach out to this contact us page and we'll personally help you out.