Google Sheet

Google Sheet

Send all your member data into a google sheet or upload it into any Marketing Automation system of choice

Google Sheet

About Google Sheet Integration

This integrations allows you to automatically shoot your member data into a google sheet of choice.

How to connect Socialtribes and Google Sheet

1. Install the Socialtribes Chrome extension

2. Make sure you have entered your license key you can retrieve from your dashboard once you created an account.

3. In the extension, click 'copy google sheet'.

4. You'll be directed to copy the sheet. Click on 'make a copy'

5. Rename the document to a name you won't forget :)

6. Click the tab 'getting started'

7. Follow the instructions to make sure to share the right link within your extension

8. Add your newly created link in the Socialtribes extension and you are ready to go :)


Looking to get some support to connect Socialtribes with Google Sheet. Reach out through this contact page or start chatting with us in with the chat function and we'll personally help you out to connect.